My 40th Celebration of Life Birthday Party on Feb. 1st 2014

Join us tonight, 9pm-1am for "A Celebration of my Life Birthday Party" at the Village Pourhouse, 64 3rd Ave (at 11th St), NY, 10003. Admission is One Love. There will be beautiful angels enjoying a night celebrating Love, life, happiness, fun, laughter, music and a lot of dancing as we embrace a life that is Love and life to others. I am honored to have you with me so come let's enjoy One Love together. I apprecilove everyone that will be attending.

My Prayer Today

Dear Father, I raise my hands, heart, mind, body, soul and spirit to you for cleansing, healing, learning, training, mentoring and empowering as I walk the path of faith, Love and humility for my brothers and sisters.

Guide me to/with the light of Love, peace, understanding, knowledge and wisdom as I seek to serve people with a true understanding of Love, empathy, patience and forgiveness to help them with their life challenges so they can live, not just survive, in this world as it slips deeper into selfishness, anger, hatred, jealousy, pain and emotional decay.

Welcome to my World

Good day to you,

I'm happy you took the time to visit me today and I hope that the contents here will help you to understand me more. I am always changing and updating the pages so check back with us while we keep you posted and apprised of what's going on with me.

Thank you for all the Love, prayers and support. It truly means a lot.
God bless and have a great day. One Love.

~Brett A. Scudder~